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Turncoat Brewing Co.

We are a brand new micro brewery based in UK that aims to produce delicious beers that will kick in your senses with big and bold flavours. For us it's all about the hops!

Before the brewery was opened we spent years homebrewing beers and have now refined many delicious recipes that we cannot wait for you to try that focus on a big hoppy taste profile. By sourcing the freshest ingredients from local producers you can be sure that the beer you taste is as fresh as it gets.

Come and see what we have in our range if you think you're ready.

We think our beer is great. Check it out below!

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the best pilsner

A classic style Pilsner. A blend of German and Aotearoa hops – Mandarina and Motueka. Gold in colour with citrus fruit notes and a crisp/ dry finish will leave you wanting more.

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bitter ipa

Bitterness at its finest! This IPA will punch you in the face with its strong tropical hop flavours and end with an unmatched bitter finish that is perfectly balanced by the smoothness of the malt.

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smoothest stout

The smoothest stout will sooth your senses with its richness. The coffee, chocolate and vanilla flavours will lure you in to an intense but smooth taste and finish with a slight bitterness from the roasted toffee, perfect.

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